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Sewing and Quilting Pattern
Quilter's Block Pressing Board, Sewer's Grain Board, and Sweater Blocking Grid

Make Your Own Pressing and Blocking Tools Ideal for Quilters, Sewers, Knitter, and Crocheters

blocking grid

Create this 16" x 16" portable pressing board made just the right size for easily pressing quilt blocks.

Also included are directions for the 36" x 54" sewer's grain board or quilter's layout/pressing board.

With this board, sewers can align and straighten the grain on fabrics or press large fabric sections.

On the sewer's grain board, quilters can layout and pin quilt blocks to see the overall effect of the blocks or press large quilt pieces.

This pressing surface can be made in any size desired.

Directions for a 42" x 48" roll-up sweater blocking grid is also included.

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blocking grid

blocking grid

blocking grid

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