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How-To Block and Fold a Sweater
by C.W. Carvalho
Certified Crochet Instructor, Certified Knitting Instructor, Certified Master Knitter

How-To Block a Sweater

Blocking is a method used to shape either a garment or knitted or crocheted pieces to specific dimensions or shapes by wetting them or pressing/steaming them. The important elements of blocking are heat and moisture. Knitted or crocheted pieces may be blocked before they are assembled. Blocking will also smooth out irregularities and curling edges. To block a garment according to a specific size, check the pattern directions for the finished size measurements and block the garment to that size. If no measurements are provided, the appropriate dimensions can be calculated from the gauge. For example, if the shoulder is 28 stitches, the gauge is 7 stitches/inch, then the shoulder dimension is 28 ÷ 7 = 4”. Not all projects or yarns will need to be blocked. Most synthetic and acrylic yarns do not require blocking. Natural fibers, such as wool, cotton or flax can probably be blocked. Check the yarn label before attempting to block a project.

In the wet blocking method, knitted or crocheted garment/pieces are either submerged in water, then pinned, with rustproof pins, to a blocking board or grid and left to dry. In the steam method, knitted or crocheted pieces/garments are pinned to shape, a press cloth placed over the garment/pieces, and a steam iron or steamer held above the garment/pieces. Do not place the iron directly on the garment/pieces.

How-To Fold a Sweater

How To Fold a Sweater

1. Lay the sweater flat on its front.

2. Fold the sweater arms across the back.

3. Fold the sweater in half by bringing the sweater shoulders to the sweater bottom.

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