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What to Do With Fabric Leftovers

You've finished your project and have bits and pieces of fabric left, what do you do with them - do you throw them in the trash or try to put them to some other use. The list below is just a sample of little project your leftovers can be used for.

A appliqué, aprons, animal mats (Snuggles Project mat) (S)(Q)
B bookmarks, bound buttonholes, bows, bindings, book covers (S) (Q), baseball caps, belts, bias bindings, baby bottle warmer (S), bedside caddy (S), baby bib (Q)
C chair seat covers, cosmetic bag (S) (Q), covered buttons, coin purse (S), checkbook covers (S)(Q), covered coat hanger, coasters (S) (Q), cat toys, chair leg booties (S), Christmas stocking (Q), computer monitor cover (Q), chair caddy (S), clothespin bag (S)
D doilies, doll clothes (S), dog toys, door draft dodger (S) (Q)
E edgings, eye glasses cases (S) (Q), embellished towels (S)
F flowers, facings, fabric covered box (S) (Q) , fabric bowls (S)
G gloves, gussets, glasses case (S) (Q), grocery bag holder (S) (Q), gift bag (S)
H hats, hot pads (S), handbag (S)
I interfacings, insertions, ironing board accessories (S)
J jewelry bags (S)
K kitchen appliance covers
L luggage tags, leg warmers, lampshade
M matting (picture frame), mittens
N neck ties (Q), napkins, napkin rings, needle case (Q), notebook cover (Q)
O oven mitts
P plackets, pillows, purses (S) (Q), placemats, pot holder, pincushion (S) (Q), picture frames (Q), pet toys
Q quilts (Q)
R ribbons, rag rugs, rotary cutter case (Q)
S scarves, stuffing, stuffed animals (parts and stuffing), shoulder pads, scrunchies, sachet (Q), sewing machine cover (S)(Q), sewing case (S), sewing box (S), sewing kit (S), sewing room accessories (S), scissor sheath (S)
T trims, toys, table runner, tissue box covers, tea cozy (S), tote bag (S), tooth fairy pillow (S), tote bag (S)(Q)
U underlining
V vests
W wreaths, wash cloths, wrist warmers (S), wall hangings (Q), wallet (Q)
Y yoke
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