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Hand Sewing Needles

Hand sewing needles in general should be fine enough to slip through the fabric yet strong enough not to break or bend. Needles are available with different eye shapes (long, round, etc.), come in different lengths and come with different points (sharp, round, blunt, ball-point, wedge). The larger the number on the size indicates the shorter and finer the needle.

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General Hand Sewing Needles
Ball Point Needle
Ball Points
sizes 5-10
Like a sharps needle only with a rounded point used for knit fabrics.
sizes 1-12
Also called quilting needles, are shorter needles than sharps enabling fine stitches in heavy fabrics.

Caly-eye Needle
sizes 4-8
Similar to sharps except thread is pulled through a slot rather than an eye.
Millner Needle
sizes 3/0-12
Longer needle than sharps used for basting.
sizes 1-12
Most commonly used, sharps needles are medium length and have a round eye and are suitable for all weight fabrics.
Darning Needles
Cotton Darner
Cotton Darners
sizes 1-9
Needles for darning fine cotton or wool.
Double Longs
Double Longs
sizes 5/0-9
Longer needle than cotton darners for darning large holes.
Yarn Darner
Yarn Darners
sizes 14-18
Large, long needle designed for darning with yarn.
Needle-Arts Needles
sizes 10-15
Long, thin needles used for beading and sequin work.
sizes 13-28
Sharp, heavy needles used for embroidering with yarn.
sizes 1-10
Sharp, long-eyed, medium-length needles used for embroidery.
sizes 13-26
Heavy needle with a blunt point used for needlepoint.
Heavy-Duty Needles
Curved Needle
Curved Needle
sizes 1 1/2" - 3"
Used anywhere a straight needle would be awkward such as on upholstery, rugs, etc.
Glover Needle
sizes 3/0-8
Short, round-eyed, triangular pointed needle used for piercing leather, vinyl, or plastic.
sizes 14-17
Similar to Glovers except triangular points extends up the needle shaft, used for sewing canvas or heavy leather.
Speciality Craft Needles
Doll Needles, Plastic Canvas Needles, Twin Pointed Quick Stitch Needles, Craft Needles, Weaving Needles
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