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Travel Jewelry Case
by C.W. Carvalho
free sewing pattern
Constructed of cotton or cotton/polyester fabric, this handy jewelry case is ideal for travel and make a great gift too. Eight side pockets will hold rings, earrings, or fine necklaces and place watches or bracelets in the bottom of the case. Pull the drawstrings tight to close the case, put it in your suitcase, and you are ready to go.

1/3 yd calico fabric
1/3 yd lining fabric
30” 1/8” cording or ribbon
30” lace trim
matching thread
paper, ruler, pencil, and scissors

1. Make the circle pattern pieces by taking an 11” piece of paper (paper sacks will work) and fold it in half and crease along fold line. Then fold the paper in half again aligning the crease line. Next, fold again by bringing the 2 folded edges together creating a triangle.
free sewing pattern
2. Starting at the folded point, place a ruler on the triangle edge. Measure up and place a pencil mark at 5” on the triangle.
free sewing pattern
3. Keeping the ruler at the point, rotate the ruler about 1/2” from the previous mark and place another mark on the triangle at 5”. Repeat until the triangle is marked off at 5” from the point. With a pencil connect the pencil marks. With scissors, cut along the drawn line. Unfold the triangle and you have one 10” diameter circle pattern.
free sewing pattern
4. Repeat Steps 1-3 to make an 8” diameter circle pattern (mark off 4” on triangle) and a 4” diameter circle pattern (mark off 2” on triangle). You now have the 10”, 8”, and 4” circle pattern pieces for the Jewelry Case.
5. Place the calico and lining fabrics right sides together. Place the 10” and 8” circle patterns on the fabrics and cut out the patterns.
6. On the 8” calico/lining fabrics, sew 1/4” seam allowance around the outer edge, leaving a 1” opening. Turn the fabric right sides out, sew the 1” opening closed, and press.
7. Place the 10” circle pattern on the calico fabric circle and mark 2 opposite ends of one fold line. Make two 3/8” vertical buttonholes 1/2” from each edge along the fold line.
free sewing pattern
8. On the right side of the calico 10” circle, place the lace trim around the outer edge (with the lacy part of the trim facing the center of the circle) and sew in place 1/4” from the edge.
9. Place the 10” calico and lining pieces right sides together and sew 1/4” seam allowance around the outer edge, leaving a 1” opening. Turn the fabric right sides out, sew closed the 1” opening, and press.
10. Ignoring the width of the lace trim, sew around the 10” calico/lining piece 3/8” from the fabric edge and then again 3/4” from the fabric edge. This will form the casing for the drawstrings and the buttonholes should be in the center of these 2 stitching lines.
11. Place the 10” pattern on the 10” calico/lining and mark the center of the circle on the lining. Repeat on the 8” calico/lining piece. With the lining fabrics together, place the 8” calico/lining on top of the 10” calico/lining aligning the center points of the two pieces. Place the 8” circle pattern on the 8” calico/lining piece and mark the fold lines on the fabric. Stitch along each fold line.
free sewing pattern
12. Place the 4” circle pattern on the 10”/8” fabrics and align the center points. Stitch around the 4” circle pattern.
free sewing pattern
13. Cut the cording/ribbon in half. Starting at one buttonhole, thread one piece of cording/ribbon through the buttonhole, around the casing and then back out the buttonhole where you started. Tie the cording/ribbon ends together with a knot. Repeat with the other buttonhole and remaining cording/ribbon.
14. Turn the 8” circle inside and your case is done.
copyright© 2008, C.W. Carvalho. This pattern ay be used for your personal use only. It may not be copied or reproduced in any form, sold, or copied or posted to another web site.