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How-To Make a Pom-Pom
materials source: Craft Yarn Council of America
how to make pom pom
Cut two cardboard circles 2-1/4" in diameter. Cut a center hole 1" diameter in each circle.
Thread yarn needle with 4 strands of yarn, all strand 72" in length. Holding circles together, pass needle through center hole, over outside edge, through center hole again until circle is covered. Do not pull yarn too tight. You will need to use more yarn.
how to make pom pom
Using very sharp scissors, cut yarn between the edges of the two circles.
how to make pom pom
Using a 24" strand of yarn, double yarn to a 12" length. Slip yarn between cardboard circles, pull up tightly and tie firmly. Remove cardboard circles and fluff out pom-pom. Trim with scissors to round off.
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