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How-To Knit or Crochet With Fabric
by C.W. Carvalho
Certified Crochet Instructor, Certified Knitting Instructor, Certified Master Knitter

Knitting or crocheting with fabric produces a finished fabric that is sturdy, heavy and ideal for household items such as rugs or placemats. The technique requires the use of very large crochet hook (size N or larger) or very large knitting needles (size 13 or larger). A light-weight to medium-weight fabric is the easiest to work with. Avoid heavy fabrics such as denim or upholstery fabrics. Knitting or crocheting with fabric requires a lot of fabric yardage so this is a good way to use of yards and yards of sale fabrics or fabric you wish you hadn’t bought.

To prepare yardage for knitting or crocheting, cut the fabric on the bias in strips about 1/2"-5/8” wide. See How-To Make Yards and Yards of Bias Tape. A quilting rotary cutter and mat board make the cutting process easy and fast. Next, with permanent, pliable fabric glue, glue the ends of each fabric strip together forming a long strip or skein of fabric/yarn. Instead of using glue, the ends may be sewn together. Use the fabric strip as you would use yarn. With large needles or hook, cast-on and proceed knitting or crocheting as usual. To avoid getting a tangled mess of fabric, work with 20 ft. strips and attach a new strip when you come to the end of the old strip.

Try knitting or crocheting with fabric using our  Free Patterns – Crochet Throw Rug, Clean Everything Scrubber Pad (Crochet), Kitchen Scrubbie (Hand Knitting)

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