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How-To Crochet in Rounds
materials source: Craft Yarn Council of America

Crocheting in rounds can refer to two methods, The first method forms a tube, such as working in rounds to form a tube for leg warmers. The second method forms a flat surface such as the crown of a hat, or a table mat.

To form a tube, work a foundation chain and slip stitch into the first chain to form a ring. To work, for example, single crochet around, chain 1, then work one single crochet into each chain stitch around. When you get to the end of the round, you can (A) work in the spiral-fashion or (B) treat each round separately.

A. To work in the spiral-fashion, you continue to work in rounds without a slip stitch to join the rounds. When you complete your first round, you immediately go into your second round. For this method, you should place a marker at the end of round 1, then move it up with each new round to keep track of the rounds completed.

B. To treat each round separately, at the end of the round join the last stitch to the first stitch of that round with a slip stitch. Before starting the next round, work a chain 1, (or the number of chains to give the correct height for the stitches which form the next round (see Crochet Turning Chains Reference Chart) then continue to work around, closing the round by working a slip stitch into the first stitch worked at the beginning of the round.

The second method of working in rounds is to obtain a flat surface or motif. Shapes most commonly found when using this method are circles, hexagons, ovals, and squares. These shapes are formed with increases either spaced out in the piece, or places one above another.

To make a circle, chain desired number of stitches and form a ring by slip stitching into first chain. Work first round directly into the space formed by the center of the ring, not into the chain stitches.

Joining A Ring
how to crochet rounds
When making a motif for an afghan, or a project such as a cap, stitches are worked around a center ring. To begin these projects, you first join a series of chain stitches with a slip stitch to form a ring.
Insert the hook into the first stitch in the same way you usually do on a foundation row, inserting the hook under the top part of the chain in the front, and under the back loop as well.
how to crochet rounds
Yarn over, then draw the yarn through both the stitch and the loop that is already on the hook. Slip stitch completed. You have just made a ring.
How-To Work Into A Ring
how to crochet rounds
The first row, or round as it is called, is worked over the ring. Ch 1 insert the hook into the center of the ring, instead of into the chain stitch.
how to crochet rounds
Complete the stitch in the usual way. In subsequent rounds, stitches are worked into the top loops of the next stitch in the usual way. If you are making a motif, you close each round with a slip stitch in the top of the beginning chain.
If you are making a hat or project requiring a spiral shaping, you do not end each round with a slip stitch, instead you continue stitching, each round continues out of the previous one.
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