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How-To Clip a Curve and Grade a Seam

How To Clip A Curve

Concave Curve is shown on the left of the drawing and Convex Curves is shown on the right of the drawing.

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Clipping and notching a curves seam allows the seam to lie flat.

Concave Curves
Clips or slits are cut into the seam allowance.

Convex Curves
Wedges are cut out of the seam allowance.

How-To Grade A Seam

Eliminating the bulk from seams is one way to avoid a “home made” looking garment. Grade any seams that will not be pressed open.

Grading a seam means to trim away half the seam allowance, after sewing, producing a “stepped” or “graded” appearance.

To Grade A Seam:

1. Join the two pieces together using the normal seam allowance.

2. Press the seam allowance flat to set the stitches.

3. Trim off half the seam allowance. If this is a facing seam, trim away half the facing allowance. If this is a construction seam, trim away half the seam allowance that will lie next to the outside of the garment.

4. Under-stitch any facings to avoid rolling. To under-stitch, press the facing seam allowance against the facing piece. Top stitch through the facing and seam allowances. Press.

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