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Types of Quilts

An “Album Quilt” is a quilt that is assembled from individual blocks where each block is designed and/or created by a different person. Album blocks are appliquéd and/or pieced , and frequently stitched into a quilt by a group for presentation to a person to commemorate a special occasion. In the past, blocks often were signed and dated with in India ink or embroidery. Today, special markers are available for signing.

An ”Amish Quilt” is a quilts created in the style created by the Amish.  These quilts are characterized by geometric patterns and made of solid fabrics in deep hues. Heavy quilting, often feathers, scrolls, cables characterize these quilts.

The “Baltimore Album” quilt was named for quilts made in Eastern Maryland between 1844 and 1855, featuring ornate appliqué and embroidery blocks.

The ”Bargello Quilt” is a quilts that is made of off-set colored squares in a rising and falling wave-like pattern/design. Usually made by strip piecing.

The “Cathedral Window Quilt” is a quilt made of quilt blocks, each made by folding fabrics to reveal an inner window of a different fabric underneath.

In a “Celtic Quilt”, thin, bias strips form intricate Celtic geometric designs.

A “Charm Quilt” is a quilt made up of the same sized (usually small) or same shaped "block" units all different fabrics. These blocks are common themes for fabric swaps.

The “Crazy Quilt” refers to a quilt made up of “crazy”/irregular shaped pieces/blocks. Often, scraps where used and sewn to a background fabric using decorative stitches and embroidery to decorate may be added. Crazy quilts were popular in the Victorian age to display sewing and embroidery skills and often made of velvets and silks.

“Friendship Quilts” are similar to album quilts, where blocks made up of signatures are then sewn together to form one quilt.

“Hawaiian Appliqué Quilts” where developed by native Hawaiian quilters. These quilts are characterized by large floral shaped, solid-color pieces/patterns stitched onto a white background.

The “Log Cabin Quilt" is perhaps the most popular traditional quilt. It is made by starting with the center with a center block surrounded by rings or “logs”. Variations include “courthouse steps”, “pineapple” and “off-center log”.

A “Medallion Quilt” is a quilt top made with a large central block or patterned area in the center.

The “Memory Quilt” refers to a quilt made up of blocks to commemorate a special occasion, such as a wedding, birthday, retirement, etc.

In a “Mystery Quilt”, the pattern is released to the recipients, step-by-step, to hide the final appearance of the finished quilt.

The term “Patchwork Quilt” refers to any quilt where pieces are combined to form a quilt top. Most quilt tops can be called “patchwork”.

A “Postage Stamp Quilt” refers to a quilt (usually small in size) made of fabric pieces about the size of a postage stamp.

The “Rag Quilt” is a quilt made of flannel where the seams are left on the front. When washed the un-sewn seam edges ravel to "fluff" them up.

A “Sampler Quilt” refers to a quilt made of a quilt top where each block is a different pattern or design. This is a popular type quilt for the beginner where he/she can experience making a variety of quilt patterns.

The “Scrap Quilt” refers to a quilt composed of many different fabrics and is made of leftover fabrics or “scraps”.

A “Stained Glass Quilt” is characterized by piecing where the quilt top resembles a real stained glass windowpane.

The term “Summer Quilt” refers to a quilt only made of a top and backing and is commonly used during the summer.

The “Tied Quilt” is a quilt held together with thread/yarn drawn through all layers of the quilt and the thread/yarn ends tied together. This is usually done when the quilt is thick and difficult to hand or machine quilt.

A “Utility Quilt” refers to any quilt made for everyday use. Usually, these quilts are simple and tied.

The “Watercolor Quilt” refers to a quilt made of small pieces (1”-2” in size) that are combined into an overall design that resembles and Impressionistic painting.

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