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The Top 10 Tips for What to Do When You are Stuck in the Creative Process

1. Go do something else - NOW!

You may just need a change of air, do something different.

2. Start creating with different forms of expression.

It's to get your juices flowing and get in touch with parts of you that have been laying dormant. Sometimes we like so much what we are doing that we fall in love with the results rather than keep on creating something new, so that we effectively start copying ourselves.

3. Move your body - run, swim, walk, have a good dance.

The body is a repository for plenty of our frustrations and they can make way for new ideas if we let go of them.

4. Ask yourself who you are doing this for anyway.

If your answer is anyone but you, reconsider your motives and stop compromising. Creativity springs from you and is your unique contribution to life: it is all about you and no one else.

5. Simplify.

If your creative process is getting complicated you may be getting stuck and entangled in your own web!

6. Seek help, you are not alone.

A coach or a friend - someone who can help you out - we do not need to suffer as lonely artists - that model is way out of date.

7. Move into silence daily.

Allow that silence to grow and enrich your process. There is great wisdom and energy at the bottom of your sea when the waves die down.

8. Look after those parts of your life you have been neglecting to immerse yourself in your projects.

They may just be asking for some maintenance now before it all gets out of hand.

9. Find new stimuli.

Read books you may never usually pick up, watch films you never thought of watching: get that body and mind out of its routine to allow the energy to flow more freely.

10. Learn to love life enough to give it the best you got with JOY!

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This piece was originally submitted by alcinoo, who can be reached at coach@alcinoo.co.uk, or visited on the web. alcinoo wants you to know: Coach, artist, writer and creative dilettante.
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