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The Top 10 Reasons to Have a Hobby

Winston Churchill once said that "The cultivation of a hobby and new forms of interest is a policy of first importance – in order to be really happy – one should have several." Hobbies have not always been given the respect they deserve, but they are important to our mental and physical well-being...perhaps even our longevity.

1. Hobbies are fun!

By definition, a hobby is a pleasurable pastime. Hobbies feel good.

2. Hobbies are avenues to your self-expression.

They are a pallet for your play, passion and purpose to emerge and shine.

3. Hobbies relieve stress.

Through focused concentration and absorption, and/or repetitive motion, hobbies refresh and renew.

4. Hobbies are creative.

Action puts satisfying energy and newness into the universe.

5. Hobbies engage us in learning.

Our passion and curiosity are given a new aspect to consider or challenge.

6. Hobbies enhance and awaken our senses to more fully appreciate life.

7. Hobbies relieve isolation and connect us to a larger community.

8. Hobbies connect us to ourselves.

9. Hobbies span time and space.

The past is preserved or paradigms are shifted.

10. Hobbies express your commitments and intentions.

About the Submitter
This piece was originally submitted by Carolyn Barlow, The HobbyLadyTM, Carolyn is dedicated to your self-expression in your pursuit of play, passion, and purpose, who can be reached at Cbarlow@hobbylady.com. Carolyn Barlow, The HobbyLadyTM wants you to know: I have been studying and interviewing hobbyists of all ages, types, and backgrounds about their "pleasurable pastimes".
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