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The Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

1. Build-up your creative muscle.

Do a creative process of any kind, even the smallest to begin with, every day and you will see that as you open that window more that creativity will begin to pervade the rest of your life.

2. Step aside and let go of your ego.

Creation is never about everyone else, and only an expression of you.

3. Be inspired and not copy other's work.

The best way to stop your unique creative juices is to compare and copy.

4. Know that you cannot control the creative process.

Move to the rhythm of your intuition/inklings and instincts, hey are showing you the way. We each have our own unique way of working.

5. Create the environment that will allow your creativity to blossom, and room to grow.

Although there is no way of controlling the process, you can create the environment that allows you to be creative, like having a space dedicated solely to your projects.

6. Get to know yourself deeply and intimately.

That way you know what you need and get in touch with what it is that only u can bring into form.

7. Detach yourself from the outcome - enjoy the process.

We spend 100% of the time creating, in the process of it, not the end results - enjoy it and forget about the end - surprise yourself!

8. Have compassion for yourself and allow the process to burn away any doubts, fears, cant's and will never be able to's....

Trust that the process of creation will allow you to leave these behind. Let IT deal with your doubts and preconceptions that have always been there.

9. Experiment and be prepared to learn all the time.

The creative process is forever an evolution of you and does not have standard formulae.

10. Love life enough to give it the gift of your unique creativity.

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This piece was originally submitted by Alcinoo , who can be reached at coach@alcinoo.co.uk, or visited on the web.
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