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The Top 10 Ways to Know You're an Artisan: Crafter

There are two subcategories to Artisan: Operator - Crafter and Promoter. Clint Eastwood and Amelia Earhart are two examples of Crafters. Crafters make up about 10% of the population.

You can take the Keirsey profile online to see what your temperament type is: www.advisorteam.com/user/ksintro.asp

1. You are CONCRETE in speech.

2. You are UTILITARIAN in getting things done.

3. You are also DIRECTIVE and ATTENTIVE in your social roles.

4. Though directive like your Promoter counterparts, your directiveness is leavened by a good deal of attentiveness and seclusiveness.

5. You do not approach strangers readily, but once in contact do not hesitate to tell them what to do.

6. And you can be quite forceful in this, such that others tend to do your bidding!

7. Like the other Artisans, you live a life that is artful action, but your particular nature is most easily seen in your mastery of tools of any and all kinds, from microscopic drill to supersonic jet, from potter's wheel to grand piano.

8. Most of us use tools in some capacity, of course, but Crafters are the true virtuosos of tool work, with a natural ability to command tools, to bend them to their wishes, and to become adept at all the crafts requiring tool skills.

9. Even from an early age Crafters are drawn to tools as to a magnet; tools fall into their hands demanding use, and they must manipulate them.

10. Indeed, if a given tool, whether scalpel or earthmover, is operated with a precision that defies belief, that operator is likely you are - a Crafter.

About the Submitter
This piece was originally submitted by Susan Dunn, M.A., Clinical Psychology, EQ Coach and Certified Teleclass Instructor, Momentum Coaching, who can be reached at sdunn@susandunn.cc, or visited on the web. Susan Dunn wants you to know: I coach clients to succeed professionally, personally and parentally, by developing and applying their EQ (emotional intelligence) and to find their passion through their temperament profile - through coaching, assessments, online courses, workshops and teleclasses. Email me for free ezine and list of free teleclasses.
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