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Organizing Tools and Stash Management
Storing Yarn and Fabric
by C.W. Carvalho
Certified Crochet Instructor, Certified Knitting Instructor, Certified Master Knitter

Fiber artists enjoy working with fibers, yarns, or fabrics. Some artists purchase fabric or yarn for a special project while others, purchase “on spec” or because they can’t resist the fibers, colors, patterns, textures, or sale. Usually they buy a few extra skein/yards when working on a special project so they won’t “run out.” Consequently, the fiber artist usually has a few extra skeins or yards stored someplace in their collection.

An inventory system is the best method I’ve found to keep track of my stash. Fiber Collection™ (available soon) is a cataloging system designed to aid the fiber collector in organizing their inventory of fabric and/or yarn, reference materials, and equipment. In the Fiber Collection there are sections to organize books, videos, patterns, and magazines.

To store fabric or yarn, sort it according to color, fabric content, etc. or sort it according to the intended project and store it in extra-large projects or storage bags and then note in the Fiber Collection™ where it is stored (closet, under bed, file cabinets, etc.) Old file cabinets can hold an incredible amount of yarn or fabric and are easy to hide in a closet are the garage and have deep, pullout drawers that allow you to easily see what is in the drawer. Each drawer can be labeled with the drawer contents. Used file cabinets can be found at garage sales, used office furniture stores, etc. Large clear plastic containers with lids also make great storage container and if they are clear, you can easily see what is in the container.

To store patterns, zip-type plastic bags are great to keep all the patterns pieces together in one place and stored in a plastic boxes or file cabinet drawer. Magazine boxes make great storage containers for large, booklet type patterns. Each box can be labeled according to what is inside, such as, “sweaters”, “crafts,” etc.

Weaving tools can be kept in a file cabinet drawer. A 2-drawer file cabinet set next to the loom and will provide a work top surface for winding bobbins, place to set shuttles, etc. plus it provides storage in the drawers below.

Knitting and crochet projects can be kept together in a basket or box. Extra knitting needles and crochet hooks can be stored in plastic zip-type bags or in a needle/hook caddy.

Know matter what type of cataloging or inventory system you use, knowing what you have and where it is located will make crafting less stressful and more fun.

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