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Having a Hobby is Something That Can Keep You Sane
by nadia cherubin

When one person finds a hobby that interests them, it can basically boost them up to make their lives interesting. Like knitting for instance, most people find knitting as a hobby to keep them going as the days go by and most people do it as for therapy in order to not think about all of the negativity that's around them or just to keep their mind focused or just to do it because they're lonely and that's what really keep them busy. I find writing to be my hobby because that's what I enjoy doing because I can write about anything once I pick that pen, and most of the time I can't seem to put it down. I also like to read because books are my only true friends and it always seems to keep me company.
Although, most people that have hobbies try to stick with their plan into what they want to do in order to keep their hobby going, because they have their mind set on a certain thing that they want to do.

However, there are different types of hobbies to choose from:

Knitting is one of the most popular hobbies because with knitting, you can make just about anything from sweaters to socks. Sewing is actually in the same class as knitting because you can also make clothing and materials and writing is one of the other most popular because everyone is interested in what the writer has to say. Reading is fundamental because you must constantly feed the brain or you could just do it for fun, (You pick and choose). And last, but not least,cooking. Well you know that everyone loves to eat and sometimes cooking is good therapy for the cook. Some say that having a hobby keeps you sane. To me, having a hobby feels almost like doing Pilate's to relax my mind, body, and soul.
Can one's hobby help you broaden up a skill that could benefit you in the future? Yes, because you all the hobbies that I have mentioned here is great for the mind. When one person is bored and tired of doing the same things over and over again, they pick up a hobby to satisfy their indulgence for fun.

Can one's hobby keep you in the right state of mind? Absolutely, because one can't be sane without doing something that makes them happy. Life shouldn't be all about all work and no play. If you really think about it, if theirs no play, then you would literally lose your mind because you tend to become under pressure and some people can't handle being under pressure so they tend to get in the mode of depression by popping pills which is not good because one can't find joy, and one of the ways of finding joy is to do something that would make you happy, so a hobby is something you should really pick and not having to be a cliche' about certain things by saying it is, what it is! To all the people out there in the world.

Choose a hobby!

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