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Do You Know What You’ve Created and How You Made It?
by CW Carvalho
Certified Crochet Instructor, Certified Knitting Instructor, Certified Master Knitter

I’ve been knitting, crocheting, sewing, and quilting for over 40 years and weaving for about 10 years. During that time I have made 100’s of sweaters, afghans, quilts, and garments. At some point I decided to keep track of what I had made. Maybe this was when I tried to remember what needle or hook I’d used with a specific yarn or when I couldn’t remember the fiber content of a fabric (and it just got ruined in the wash) or maybe I just wanted to be able to look back and see what I had accomplished.

I now keep a record of every project I make and use Knit or Crochet Portfolio Scrapbook Pages and Sewing or Quilting Portfolio Scrapbook Pages. Does this sound nuts. Maybe so, but I’ve gone back to my portfolios numerous times to find a gauge swatch, or information on a garment I’ve made, or for a few yards of yarn or a button for repairs. I also use the weaving draft pages to remember what settings I used on a particular project and this has saved me a lot of time. By keeping the portfolio sheets together in a 3-ring binder, I don't spend time looking through little bits and piece of miscellaneous paper or patterns trying to find out what I did. I do use gift tags when I give a project to someone so they also will have the care instructions and extra button/yarn for repairs.

The portfolios have saved me countless hours of having to re-work gauge swatches for yarns I’ve already used or thumbing through numerous pattern books trying to locate a pattern. The portfolios have also been an excellent tool for figuring how much yarn I will need for a project. If a friend or client wants “one just like …,” I can quickly find the “what” and “how” in my portfolio. I do recommend putting fiber care and content labels in garments but in case I forgot, I know the information is in my portfolios.

You spend hours creating lovely hand crafted items; why not keep a record of your creations.

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